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Jiangsu Baina Enviromental 黄大仙三中三

  • 2013
    Founding Time
  • 100
    Employee Count
  • 5000m²
    Factory Covered
  • 100+
    Countries Served
  • 黄大仙三中三
  • 黄大仙三中三
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Jiangsu Baina Environmental Protection Equipment Co。,Ltd was founded in October 2013, the company focuses on the technical research and equipment production of VOCs treatment, saline waste liquid treatment, solid waste treatment and water treatment equipment.The main equipment includes direct thermal oxidizer (TO), regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), regenerative catalytic oxidizer (RCO), catalytic oxidizer(CO), submerged incinerator (STO), high-temp melting incinerator (MTO), carbonization furnace (CF), rotary kiln incinerator (RK) and electrochemical series water treatment equipment (electric Fenton, electrocatalysis, etc.).

At present, Baina has an office area of 1500m2 and a production workshop area of 12000m2. Our company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, and ISO14001:2015, and owns 15 patents. The production of our equipment meets the requirements of specifications, and the emission data of equipment operation meets the requirements of national standards and European standards.

The equipment process and technology are mature. In addition to providing safe and reliable environmental protection equipment, our company also has a relatively complete after-sales service system, which can provide remote assistance for diagnosis, operation and management, etc.

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